Car rental

The long – term and short – term rents for firms aud for private persons.

Prices include

  • hire
  • accident instance for Europe
  • obliged lability
  • highway stamp for Czech republic
  • green card for aboard
  • road tax
  • chase of summer-winter tires service
  • car servis

Not included in prices

  • fuel consumption
  • injury instance of carried persons
  • luggage instance
  • drawing of chicle outsider of Jablonec nad Nisou
  • equipment leuding: child seat, carry, etc.

General conditions for rating vehicle

  • the minimum age for rent is 21 years
  • the driver must be 2years holder of driving licence
  • we regest the rent payment aud the return deposit on cash by taking the car
  • the day rate is until 24 hours form rent – begining. IF this time is croussed over more of 59 minutes, the next day rate is accounted.
  • prices do not include 21 % VAT


Private person

  • driving licence
  • identity licence, identity card
  • passport
  • Returne deposit (instance participation) 5-10 thousand


The Company

  • trade confirmation (the physical person)
  • trae confirmation (the company)
  • confirmation of VAT payer (if he is)
  • reture deposit/ insourance partisipation/5-10 thousand